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One Woman Stabbed A Guy In The Eye With A Louboutin Heel After They Got Into An Argument

Those red stilettos are DEADLY.

Talk about taking the term "killer heels" to an entirely new level!

In October 2014, Shadiya Omar, a student from the UK, used her Christian Louboutin heel as a weapon against Justin Lloyd, after the argument Lloyd and Omar’s friend were having got out of hand. When Omar’s friend slapped away a bag of potato chips Lloyd was offering, Lloyd retaliated by threatening to empty the pack over her head. Omar, ever the BFF, then proceeded to stab the victim in the eye with the high heel.

Lloyd said the heel went so deeply into his eye that he had to pull it out, The Daily Mail reported. Miraculously enough, he did not lose his eyesight, though he continues to experience stabbing pains and, of course, deal with the psychological trauma that comes with being attacked by a designer shoe.

Now, a recent court hearing has postponed Omar’s 18-month prison sentence for at least two years. Lloyd, expressing displeasure over the outcome, said, “I am not happy about the sentence. It is quite shocking what she did. What she has done, it is a crazy thing, it is scary. She was looking at me, not realizing—no remorse.”

We’d rather make stupid outfit choices than be this kind of fashion victim any day.

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