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5 Reasons Why Jericho Rosales Should Be Your Boyfriend’s Style Peg

Mr. Pogi forever!
PHOTO: Instagram/jerichorosalesofficial

Jericho Rosales has come a long way from his Mr. Pogi days. The Magpahanggang Wakas star has been doing well for himself both in his career and in his personal life. Plus, he’s been acing this thing we call life in indubitable style—one that’s equal parts rugged and fresh. The man’s got to keep up with his wife, the stunning Kim Jones, and he does so with effortlessness you only wish your boyfriend could acquire. So if you’re looking to give your own man a wardrobe makeover, take your cue from this rogue and check out these five reasons why he should be your boyfriend’s new #StylePeg. 

1. He knows the importance of a sturdy pair of boots.

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Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing sneakers on a daily basis, having a pair of trusty workman boots is an easy way to add some edge to a basic outfit. Plus, nothing says “motorcycle badass” like some worn-out leather boots. Now, all you need is to get your boyfriend to learn how to ride… 

2. He’s aware of the fact that a leather jacket can go a long way.

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If you want to instantly look like a million bucks, a leather jacket is the answer. Tell your boyfriend to get one that fits just as perfectly as a suit would for that confident swagger most leading men (or action stars) naturally embody.

3. He’s got a closet that’s organized AF!

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Don’t you just wish your beau had a wardrobe that was spic and span? When things are neat and tidy, it makes putting a look together more efficient! He won’t have to dig through piles of ratty underwear to find his crisp white polo.

4. He maintains his mane.

Good grooming and style go hand in hand. And Jericho has managed to find a hairstyle that’s simultaneously modern yet easy to manage. It’s a ’do that, even if it’s left a little unkempt, is more than capable of turning heads.

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5. He’s a master at keeping it caj.

Despite being able to go snazzy for formal occasions, it’s Jericho’s casual ease that sets him apart from most male celebrities. His outfits are not alienating—looks your boyfriend can definitely pull off on the regular. Basic tee + dark denims + white sneakers = Mr. Pogi material.

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