Should You Ask Your Wedding Entourage To Pay For Their Attire?

A wedding expert weighs in.

You'll obviously have a nice gown done for your wedding, but you won't be the only one getting dressed up—and you're expected to take care of the gowns for your entourage as well. If you're on a tight budget, is it okay to ask your entourage to pay for their attire? If it is, how do you ask them nicely?

According to party and wedding planner Marex Gaba, it's okay if you want to let your wedding entourage pay for their outfits, especially if you're strapped for cash.

"Traditionally, the entourage pays for their own dresses, including their accessories (shoes and jewelry). In this case, it is important for the couple to consider the financial situation of their friends and family whom they want to be part of the entourage. It is best to inform them from the start, so that each person will have a chance to decline if they cannot afford to participate or have other personal reasons."

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