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10 Stylish Items To Wear On Tamad Days

Comfort over everything.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/martine, (RIGHT) Instagram/juliabarretto

The recurring fashion trend now more than ever is comfort. In fact, the simpler, more comfortable your OOTD is, the cooler you look. Below are fashion’s best answers to your most tamad days.

1. Anything black for when you “have nothing to wear.”

2. Caps or hats for when you “have a bad hair day” (aka you’re too lazy to fix it).

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3. A dress because you “were rushing in the morning” and had to find the easiest thing to slip on.

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4. White sneakers because “they’re the most comfortable shoes on earth” (aka it’s a no brainer because they match with everything).

5. Trendy mules because “they’re the closest thing to flip-flops.”

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6. A plain shirt and trackpants for when you just “came from the gym.”

7. Oversized anything for when you’re “too bloated to wear anything else.”

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8. Dark sunnies for when you’re actually, honestly, legit “wearing no makeup” (because you were too lazy).

9. A plain tee for when you’re “just running errands.”

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10. A backpack for when you just “need a spacious bag” (so you can throw just about anything in it).

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