Swimwear Care Tips: 8 Things To Avoid

Summer may be more than halfway through, but make sure your bikini will still be good for the rest of the month and another summer or two with these tips.

No matter how tiny your yellow polka-dot bikini may be, just like your pet or partner your swimwear needs just as much care to prolong its wearability and quality. Listen up and make sure you keep your precious bikinis from these:

1. HEAT: Always rinse your swimsuit with cold water after use. Hot water (and ironing) weakens the elasticity of your bikinis. So if you must sizzle in the hot tub with your honey, opt for an older swimsuit or better yet, skinny dip!

Save electricity and the earth while you save the life of your bikinis. Avoid washing machines, driers, dry cleaners, and bleach, as hand washing with mild suds and cold H2O is best, to avoid premature swimwear breakdown.

Chlorine, bromine, salts, tanning lotions, and the like weaken the durability and fade colors of bikini fabrics. Make sure to rinse before bathing, to absorb less chemical. Rinse again after use, to wash away whatever chemicals were absorbed. Urgency is key: Prolonged absorption will make colors bleed and dull fabric fibers.

4. ROUGH SURFACES: Sit on a towel and steer clear of pool edges or rocks by the beach to avoid swimwear fabrics from getting himulmol. Stubbles belong on your man’s face, not your bum.

5. TOWEL WRAPPING: Doing this only makes your bikini mix with the fibers your towel originally was trying to wipe away. This also brings about heated moisture, which makes colors bleed and even unwanted odors brew if not hung dried right away.

6. SUN DRYING: Though quicker in results, the sun’s heat fades colors. (Refer to #1). Line dry instead in the shade. Whether drying worn or not, protect your swimwear AND skin by drying up safely in the shade. Cool down with a hot friend for better results!

7. RUBBING: As with all fabrics, never rub to take away stains. Press on fabric instead to “pull out” stains as rubbing only spreads it even more. So when partying, sip those Cosmos with poise to avoid stains altogether.

Never leave two or more wet bikinis in one bag. This can cause unwanted color transfers--unless you were going for a tie-dye effect?

I’m not one to soak up the water or sun. I simply stride in my fabulous bikinis in the name of fashion. On that note, metallics, holograms, beading, and the like are not meant to be bathed in or else they’ve only got the life of one to two uses. These types of swimwear are meant for sunning purposes only.

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