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The 12 Best Things About Not Wearing A Bra

When you're hooking up with someone and you take off your shirt and then bam, nipples. No waiting.

1. No gross sweat stains on your bra making you want to throw up when you take it off. Because you're not wearing one. Boom. Nailed it. 

2. Not having to hand-wash the bra you just wore and hang it in your gross shower. Because obviously you always hand-wash instead of throwing it into the washer and just kind of hoping it doesn't come out mangled. 

3. Feeling like a 1960s hippie witch goddess who is ~free~. Seriously the act of just not wearing a bra will make you feel like you know how to do spells. It just will. 

4. No bra underwire digging into your body like a torture device. Which also means no next-level red marks from where it was jabbing you like a mean kid in third grade.

5. Nipples showing through your T-shirt like a model, yo. Everyone pulls this look off. Everyone. 

6. No awkwardly adjusting your bra because your breasts keep shifting in there. Seriously, what are they doing? Are they trying to escape? Come to think of it, probably. 


7. Not having to deal with your straps falling down every three seconds like it's their job. And then you can't even tighten the straps because then you get red marks. Bras are a prison, I swear. 

8. Being able to truly shake what your mama gave you at da club. And, like, a full 90-degree angle shake. 

9. Having even more bounce in your step. It's so noticeable that it's almost like you have an extra person on your chest who is always dancing and you look down and you're like, "Oh, hi!"

10. That smaller/bigger breast that's always uncomfortable is comfy AF. It's like having a Sleep Number bed for your ~*bREastS*~.

11. Feeling the breeze on your breasts​ when it blows through your shirt like you're a woman on the cover of a romance novel. Stop looking at me like I'm a weirdo. 

12. When you're hooking up with someone and you take off your shirt and then bam, nipples. No waiting. ​The best, ta-da. 

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