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Little Things You Can Do To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

And you don't even have to buy new clothes.

1. Wear your crop top differently.
You know how you always wear your tiny top with a pencil skirt or high-waisted shorts? It's so easy to stick to combinations you KNOW will work, because you've tried them before. But try this easy styling trick: Wear your crop top over a crisp white polo, boyfriend jeans (skinnies will work, too), and your footwear of choice. 

2. Ditch your skinny jeans.
According to Mary Bruno, Head of Design at J. Crew, skinnies are out and flared pants are totally in! If you're used to a skintight silhouette, and want to upgrade your look—try resurrecting an old pair of flared pants. You can either go for high-waisted ones, or a low-waisted pair, depending on your preference. Wanna buy instead? You're looking for jeans that hug your butt and your thighs, but then flare out below the knees.

3. Take your shoe game to a whole new level.
Ballet flats work with absolutely any outfit, because those slip-ons are classic and will never go out of style. But menswear-inspired shoes—like brogues, penny loafers, and Oxfords—are making a huge sartorial comeback. Black lace-up shoes look chic when paired with a boyfriend polo or a pretty white dress.


4. Throw a hat on.
It hides a bad hair day. And we have never seen any girl look bad in a floppy hat.

5. Sometimes, it's really how you tuck your top.
Should you tuck in or tuck out? This is completely up to you, but whatever you decide, don't stick to it every time you wear that outfit combination (like, a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater). You can tuck your sweater in your jeans, but you can also try to tuck just one side, or completely ditch the tucking! Clothes really do look different every time you wear them, depending on which side of the top you tuck!

6. Check the fit of your clothes.
So you have this one dress that's really pretty, but you've never worn it because the waist is too big on you. Get that dress out of your closet and take it to your suking mananahi. Remember: it's never about how expensive your clothes are, but how well they fit you.

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7. Check your boyfriend's closet.
Or your brother's. Or your guy BFF's. Chances are they have about a million different polos. Steal one and never return it. Boyfriend polos are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own, because they look great with everythingwith jeans, tucked in a pencil skirt, or with micro shorts.

If you don't have a boyfriend or a brother or a guy best friend you can steal clothes from, try shopping at the men's section, and then buy either a size S or M.

8. Play with silhouettes.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to a style that fits you (because you look good in that style, and you KNOW it). But it might be good to change your look every once in a while. If you like bodycon dresses, see how you feel about shift dresses or billowy dress shirts. Are you always wearing oversized polos? See how you look in a tight pencil skirt.


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