These One-Piece Swimsuits Bring New Meaning To The Word 'Sexy'

You don't always have to wear a bikini!

Fact: One-piece swimsuits are giving bikinis a run for their money when it comes to sexy swimwear. With cuts and silhouettes that show off a perky butt and accentuate the shape of your body, these maillots are nothing like the ones your mom would wear:

Black high-cut maillot, P2,350, Eve.


Blush maillot, P1,600, Eighth Mermaid


Hunter green maillot, P2,500, Float


Tri-color neoprene bikini, P2,300, Beyond the Beach


Orange corset maillot, P2,250, Naked Sun

Black scallop maillot, P1,450, Nudo


Polka dot maillot, P1,395, Freeway


Floral maillot, P2,399, Vero Moda at Zalora


Peach cutout maillot, P1,990, Seek the Uniq


Black low-cut maillot, P1,500, Holy Skull

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