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You Can Now Change Clothes In Public Without Getting Naked!


Remember when we wrote about that nude bodysuit you can wear IRL so you don't have to line up at the dressing room? Admittedly, we thought it was the best fashion hack for five minutes. Our problem? It was totally unattractive!

But here's a new invention we found online: founders and athletes Dennis Caco and April Estrada are selling The Undress, a sleek cover-up that lets you change from your workout clothes (yep, even your sports bra) into your casual clothes in public, without feeling embarrassed.

The cover-up is designed like a simple halter top with side pockets, a hook and handle, a drawstring loop, and a slip-under front panel.

Watch the video to see how it works:

It's pretty amazing, right? Y'all can pre-order The Undress until November 14and yes, the company ships outside the United States!

Would you try this new fashion hack?

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