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What To Wear On Your First Trip To Taiwan

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ICYMI, Taiwan is granting visa-free entry to Philippine passport holders starting June 2017, and what better excuse to visit ~*the land of milk and honey (tea)*~ than this?! We bet you've already bookmarked the places you want to visit and beauty products to try, but make sure to also pack the right clothes for whichever season you visit:

SPRING (March-May)

Average temperature range: 19-26°C


With breezy weather that's just right and special holidays such as the Lantern Festival, spring is probably the best time to visit Taipei. Opt for light layers so you can still enjoy the cool climate without freezing or feeling hot.

SUMMER (June-August)

Average temperature range: 26-33°C

Summer in Taipei is very similar to the one here in the Philippines (a.k.a. hot, humid, and sticky), so choosing outfits should be a no-brainer. A shirt-and-shorts combo would be your best bet, but you can dress it up by wearing pieces in interesting fabrics or patterns.

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AUTUMN (September-November)

Average temperature range: 22-30°C

Autumn may be the least favorable time to visit Taipei due to the rain, but this season is also when airfare and accommodation are at their cheapest. Make the most of your vacay by wearing fabrics that hold up well when wet, like denim and polyester.


WINTER (December-February)

Average temperature range: 14-20°C

One of the highlights of visiting countries with four seasons is that you get the chance to layer with thicker materials—something you can't really do here in the Philippines. No need to bring earmuffs and fur coats, though, since Taipei typically doesn't have snow during the winter season.

Take note of these tips that apply to all seasons:

1. Stay away from clothes that show off cleavage. Similar to South Koreans, Taiwanese people frown upon exposing this area; but they're also okay with outfits that show off your legs!

2. Pack at least one pair of trousers if you plan to visit temples—some of them don't allow skirts even if they're floor-length.

3. Bring an umbrella! Even if autumn is Taiwan's wettest season, the country is known for experiencing rainfall year round.

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