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If he wins 45.6 billion won, Wi Ha Joon said that he'll set up a very luxurious gym!
For some reason, Wi Ha Joon has *officially* taken over our TikTok FYP and nope, we're definitely not complaining! He lights up the screen with his smile and his A+ acting had us ~researching~ for more info about him. And
In case you miss the times when we don't have to read subs!
You will never forget a Korean series as touching as this.
Based on the title, 18 Again might throw you off a bit and make you ask yourself "Isn't it just the Korean version of the Hollywood film, 17 Again, starring Zac Efron?" Well, it is-but this K-drama is more
If you’re loving him in 'Youth of May,' check out where else you can watch him.
Are you a Reply 1988 fan? If so, you probably loved learning about bits of South Korea's culture in the '80s. A part of it was the prominence of protests against the government. Another drama set in 1980 has recently premiered
They'll be binge-watching until 2 a.m. in no time!
We all have that one friend who we can't seem to get into watching K-dramas, no matter how hard we try to convince them. Okay, I'll admit it: I was one of *those* people, but I can vividly remember
He started as a model before he became an actor!
There are a lot of rising actors in the K-drama industry and each of them has their own charm. Take Hwang In Yeop as an example-he is good in acting, looks stunning, and will surely take the world by storm
We want Zac Efron to meet Lee Do Hyun IRL!
As you probably know by now, the heartwarming K-drama 18 Again is based on the 2009 American movie 17 Again! Both the film and the series tells the story of a middle-aged man who is suddenly transformed back to his
Yup, it's based on Zac Efron's movie '17 Again.'
What would you do if you were given a chance to re-do some things in your life? To go back in time and change things? Would you do it? This is exactly what the drama 18 Again is all about.MORE
He's stolen our hearts even more in '18 Again'!
If the name Lee Do Hyun doesn't ring a bell, then it's about time to get acquainted with this rising K-drama actor. Do Hyun, 25, first made a mark in the Hallyu scene as Chung Myung, Man
Who's excited for '18 again?!'
We bet you didn't know that some of your fave Korean shows are actually remakes of movies and shows from the UK and US! Here are eight shows to check out: The OG: 17 Again, US The premise: A man
Just thinking of Park Saeroyi's dad makes us cry!
It won't feel like Father's Day if we don't honor the K-drama dads who made us all cry and *feel special*! Dads in dramas aren't perfect, of course, but that's what
We can't wait to see more of our fave *firefly*!
Rookie actor + everyone's favorite Hotel Del Luna *firefly* Lee Do Hyun will be starring in his first-ever drama, 18 Again! What makes things more exciting is that according to Soompi, the show will be a Korean adaptation of Zac
Because we know you can finish one K-drama (or more) in one sitting!
You guys, we know that some of us have gone to great lengths and have depended on certain sites (read: illegal) to watch our fave K-dramas, but that doesn't have to be the case! There are so many safe,
Experience major throwbacks to your teenage life!
Every once in a while, it's nice to look back on high school. Whether you struggled back then or you were one of the lucky ones who had a blast, you'll definitely have so many memories from that