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Are you a fan of J. Law's new do? Vote below!
Jennifer Lawrence thinks her new pixie crop is "perfect" for her.The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress has no regrets about chopping her shoulder-length locks into a chic boy cut earlier this month and claims the look is far easier to
Actor Liam Hemsworth said he was whipped for three days during filming for <i>The Hunger Games: Catching Fire</i>.
The 23-year-old star was interviewed on Good Morning America on November 20, 2013 and answered questions from fans.When one asked what the best part about shooting the movie was, he replied: "Well, I got whipped for three days, which
Katniss Everdeen, <i>ang babaeng nag-aapoy</i>? Say what?
On November 21, the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' Catching Fire will open in theaters nationwide.Naturally, we re-read the first installment of the bestselling trilogy as a refresher for movie #2, but while we were in the bookstore flipping through
Because there can only be one winner.
Last year, the first installment of the Hunger Games trilogy made its debut on the silver screen and took the world by storm. It was only a matter of time before the YA book's fandom started taking sides, much like the
Bow in hand and arrows hanging from my waist, I felt pretty badass.
I never thought I'd get into archery. When a friend of mine suggested we try it out, I went along with it just for fun but ended up enjoying myself so much that I urged my team to try
Team Peeta, Team Gale, Team Finnick, or Team Gloss?