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Some of them came from the same industry!
You have already heard these many times: Age is just a number. And some Korean celebrity couples are here to prove that their age difference will stand the test of time! Most of them have been together for a long time while
Their age certainly didn't get in the way of their chemistry.
They say age is just a number, and the famous saying rings especially true in the acting world. Whether the story calls for it or not, actors with large age gaps are often paired together on account of their individual acting chops
Their 15-year age difference is hard to get past.
36-year-old Scott Disick and 21-year-old Sofia Richie have been dating for two years now and have been through their fair share of difficulties as a couple. Aside from the public's never-ending criticism, there was also
They have a 22-year age gap and met when she was 10.
It has been two years since Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio started dating, and people still aren't over their 22-year age gap. (TBH, people will probably never get over it given Leo has never publicly dated anyone over 25.)
These younger-man-older-woman couples know how to keep the ~*romance*~ alive!
As you probably know by now, age is a big deal in Korea. In dramas and IRL, Koreans have various ways to respectfully address someone older than them. Aside from using honorific words, they call older guys hyung, oppa, or ahjussi. Then,
We're listening...
Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson took the internet by storm last weekend when they were seen having a tongue-filled rink-side make-out at a hockey game in NYC (you may have seen the pictures?).Sources claim that their relationship is
'Weird pala ng nagagawa sa 'yo ng love.'
In a new vlog episode, Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano talk about their relationship and plans for the future. Ten years from now, Jessy's "Hawhaw" sees them "happily settled down" while still pursuing their own dreams.He says, "Besides being the
'Ironically, she's the naive one.'
Age gap relationships are something society seems to be obsessed with. But, often it's the younger woman/older man combo people are interested in. When it comes to younger men dating much older women, there's a whole different
Here's what our life is like.
When I first met John*, we were just friends. In fact, he was married to someone else, and I was engaged to another man. But he quickly became one of my closest friends, and I found myself constantly turning to him for
Their age gap does factor in.
It may not seem like it, but Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola have over a decade between them in terms of age-11 years and seven months to be exact.Luis, 35, was asked by the press earlier this week on his
'Whatever your age gap is doesn't dictate whether a relationship will be successful or not.'
Trice, 23 and Seph, 32Age gap: 9 yearsTogether for: 5 yearsSeph's sister, who was Trice's batchmate in high school, used to show Seph pictures of her pretty female batchmates on Facebook. Out of all of them, Trice caught his attention.