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AHA, BHA, what do they all mean?
If you didn't know by now, exfoliating is a VERY important step in your skincare routine, even though it is not a step that you do daily like cleansing or toning. Exfoliating helps in sloughing away the accumulated dead skin
Read here to learn how you can get even-toned skin!
For most women-whether their skin tone is fair, medium, or dark-their goal is to have a clear and radiant complexion. If you aim for your skin to be the same, too, you're probably wondering about the easiest way
You'll want to include it in your skincare routine.
Having pimples is a bummer, but another annoying thing one would have to face (get it?) are the marks they leave behind. Thankfully, we found an affordable spot-correcting product: Kojie-San Dream White Blemish Correcting Cream. Below, read why we fell
Don't let acronyms like AHA and BHA intimidate you!
Acids may have gotten a bad rep for being the favorite weapon of the worst kontrabidas in the history of Philippine TV, but just because something is labeled an acid, doesn't mean it's going to burn your skin.