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Simple but never boring!
Let's face it: White shirts are a closet staple-they can be paired with jeans or shorts for a casual look or thrown under a blazer and trousers for a more business casual vibe. Despite its ~versatility~, this clothing item
These looks are a hit!
As you may have known, white t-shirts are ~essential~ in everyone's closet. And if you're a fan of the comfy aesthetic, may I suggest that you get a white tee in an oversized or boxy silhouette? I
These are my ride-or-die pieces!
Hello there! Here's something you should know about me: I don't consider myself very girly, nor do I think of myself as a tomboy either. I wasn't very much into fashion and makeup growing up. I remember going
BRB, getting everything.
Nowadays. comfort is important when it comes to outfits. We all just want to look and feel good whether we're indoors or outdoors. If you're looking into updating your wardrobe, we highly suggest that you head to Guess
'I woke up one day and decided to dress up not for anyone but myself.'
Growing up, I have always been the "chubby" kid. I've been told to watch the food I eat and to put clothes meant for skinny girls back on the rack. For a long time, these comments affected the way I presented
From removing stains, scuffs and odors to how to correctly store your bag.
Knowing how to clean a leather handbag (without ruining it) is a useful #lifehack that will serve you well for years to come. Whether you've invested in a designer piece or a high street gem, leather bags are designed to
'Charot' but make it classy.
If you've watched Heart Evangelista's IG Stories or vlogs, you might have caught her saying "charot" when she's goofing around. A quick refresher for those who aren't familiar with the slang: Charot is usually
Because pink is such a cute color!
NGL, I'm excited to dress up again once we all get the go signal that we could all go out as we please. While waiting for ~better days~, I keep myself busy with window shopping. I know it sounds shallow,
Saving these looks ASAP!
You can never go wrong with neutral colors more so when you pick clothes with classic silhouettes. Rhian Ramos is a fan of this style formula, and we're taking notes! We often see her wearing soft, flowy fabrics, tailored pieces,
You can never have enough white sneakers.
We will never ever give white sneakers. They just go well with any outfit and are super comfy, too. We won't judge you if you are planning to add another pair to your growing white kicks collection. You can never
Can't live without these, TBH!
Like most people, I learned a lot about myself while in quarantine. Staying at home gave me the opportunity to truly work on and get to know myself better. And I know this may sound weird, but one of the main things
Meet your new closet staple.
It's a fact that oversized tees can make you look cute and comfy in seconds. But if you want more style versatility, we strongly suggest that you go for a black boxy t-shirt! This piece can give an edgy
Learn how to create one here!
I have to admit: I was guilty of being overly excited when I went to the mall or when I saw the word SALE. I always had the urge that I need to shop because everything was at a discount price. My
Bring out the most stylish version of yourself.
As soon as things start to become normal again-hanging out and traveling, what's good-cute outfits will see the light of day again. Your OOTDs will no longer just be documented on Instagram. Your friends can finally see you
Proof that you can never go wrong with the color white.
There's a strong chance that you clicked this article because you're also into white outfits. Nothing beats the fresh vibe they give off when you're wearing them. One fan of white OOTDs is Ashley Colet. She
Your ultimate guide is here.
When it comes to looking polished, we assume that we have to spend on expensive items and exert A LOT of effort. We sometimes think that these habits help create a sophisticated outfit: spending on a designer bag, splurging on clothes every
Elevate your look in seconds.
Nothing beats the appeal of classic style because it's timeless, chic, and universally flattering on anyone. All you need is a solid wardrobe foundation and a creative mind and a few cool add-ons to make sure that your outfits
It's all about proper proportions.
All my life, I've been taught "rules" that will help me dress better for my height. I'm five feet tall (or smol), and my height has greatly affected my fashion choices for years. It was only in 2016
Say hello to effortless tuck-ins.
This shopping list is little more than an ode to the immaculate combination that is high-waisted bottoms and a well-fitted, tucked-in top. Whether a tank top, tube top, blouse, button-up, or what have you, few things are as
The wardrobe foundation you need to help you create great outfits.
You've heard this many times: Classic style will always look good and surpass trends. If you embrace this aesthetic, you'll always look polished and you won't cringe when you see your pics, even after a decade