Learn their main differences here.
BB Cream stands for "blemish balm" or "beauty balm," while CC cream stands for "color-correcting." Before deciding on the best BB or CC Cream you can buy in the Philippines, it's always best to determine products that work for
You'll forget that you're wearing makeup.
There are days when we don't feel like wearing makeup, yet we just have to conceal a pesky blemish or eyebags. And sometimes, full coverage products may feel mask-like + heavy, which aren't the best for our humid
To me, you are pore-fect.
PSA: Although some skincare products promise to shrink your pores, it's *really* impossible to alter their width. But there is hope! You can fake smooth AF skin with these pore-blurring makeup products. Check out our top picks below:1.
And for our tropical climate!
Korean BB creams are known for being extremely moisturizing and glow-enhancing-qualities that might not fly with oily-skinned Pinays. Thankfully, there are loads of options available today, even for those struggling with excess grease. So if you're a
But we're not convinced.
Makeup bases have come a long way since those super pasty looks from the '90s. These days, the effect we all want to achieve is natural and lit from within-like you're actually just blessed with ~*amazing*~ skin that barely needs
We examine what'll make your choice of a multi-action cream the BEST one--ever. (Hint: The secret is not in the letter; it's in the plus!)
With BB creams and other double-letter creams dominating the market, what gives yours a superior edge? Is it glitzy packaging or your fave K-Pop stars or primetime princesses as endorsers? Bloggers and beauty expert testimonials on social media? It's
It really is too cool for school.
We've tried and tested practially every BB Cream invented in the beauty world, but we've never heard of (or seen!) one that looks like this!It's called Too Cool For School's Afterschool BB Lunchbox (
We know you're confused, so we want to help!
Truth: alphabet creams are overwhelming.With so many double-letter variants out in the market today, it's hard to know which cream is the best one to use for your skin type. Lucky for you, we compiled a list of all
Agoo clues us in on the beauty world's latest invention.
Dear Agoo,I've been using BB Cream for my face for about a year now, and I'm loving the results! I recently checked products online and read rave reviews about CC Creams, however. They sound the same to me, so
From BB cream and foundation, to lipstick, eye shadow, and blush, load up on these makeup products we're loving this holiday season!
We have a holiday beauty gift guide coming right up, but before you think of what to give the lovely females on your gift list, think of the makeup products you should stock up on first! We've scoured department stores, beauty
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