Including a lightweight base that looks better the longer you wear it!
F.A.s are famous for their flawless and long-wearing beauty routines. But with all the different products they use, we've always been curious to know what their top ride-or-die must-haves really are. So, we sat
Is your favorite a part of this list?
Ever since thick and lush brows became popular again, we've been obsessed with finding the most sweatproof, waterproof-basically life-proof-eyebrow pencils, mascaras, pomades, and so much more. After a month of trying a bunch of different kilay products,
Did it make my skin look better after just two weeks?
One of my stress relievers is watching beauty videos from my favorite vloggers. One particular vlogger I love is Raiza Contawi. I witnessed how her acne-prone skin improved over the past few months. When she finally shared the product that helped 
A leaked email reveals why you can't always trust Internet reviews.
Luxury skincare brand, Sunday Riley, has admitted to posting fake positive reviews of their products, after an email from a former employee was shared on Reddit.The American company-known for cult products like Good Genes and Luna Sleeping Night Oil-were
She's got the receipts!
When we want to buy a new beauty product, we do our research first, aka scour the Internet for reviews. But now we're questioning every review we've ever read because of a mind-blowing revelation on the SkincareAddiction
It's quite clever, TBH.
There are days when we wonder if our country is right next to the sun because the weather can be unforgivingly scorching. But we have lives to live, and however warm it may be, we have to go outside to get to
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