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She uses the former on her brows!
Into the Gloss' Top Shelf series is one of our favorite beauty reads ever for two main reasons: First, it presents women, including some of the most famous in the world, in a candid, intimate light-you can really feel their
She even does her makeup in the car!
Out of all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters' signature beauty looks, Kendall Jenner's is arguably the most effortless and attainable. It's not that we're disregarding Kylie's or Kim's altogether-it's just that when it comes to everyday
The feisty star candidly reveals her beauty secrets and must-haves, and how she manages to emerge from every issue in her life unscathed.
Start the week right with inspiring words from the naturally beautiful (inside and out) Iza. She has personal advice for Cosmo chicks struggling with insecurities.
George candidly tells Cosmo how she maintains her figure and cares for her skin. Plus, pick up a fashion tip or two from the stylish it girl!
Ever wonder how celebs stay gorgeous? Here's a hint: it's not plastic surgery! We let you in on their top beauty tricks.
Our obsession with celebrities and models is a love-hate relationship, if you think about it. You love them because they're just so beautiful but then you also hate them because they're just so, well, damn, beautiful! Don't you
See what every Cosmo chick should also have in her everyday bag.
You've watched her give Cosmo's Make Over Your Life campaign winner Amie Perez an image-building workshop. (If you haven't yet, well, watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.) Now, here's another way model, host, image consultant,