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Through PEFTA, <i>Preview</i> aims to help new designers maximize their potential by giving them a venue to mingle with industry experts, fashion lovers, and retailers.
Find out more about the Japanese-American sweetheart's charitable work and life in Manila. columnist Bianca Valerio gets real on the futility of finding the "The One", and urges you to give the man of the moment a chance. columnist Bianca Valerio talks about the rude realities, as well as the transformative powers, of that crazy little thing called love. columnist Bianca Valerio sits down with the hot actor and host, who reveals a sharp sense of humor and a super-sweet side that will have you sighing. columnist Bianca Valerio discusses why older men seem to have more luck in the love--and lust--department. columnist Bianca Valerio preaches the many ways a pair of stylish shoes empowers a woman. columnist Bianca Valerio shares snapshots from an exclusive--and celebrity-packed--party. columnist Bianca Valerio imparts her inspiring birthday wish to the Cosmo chicks she dearly loves.
In honor of Independence Month, columnist Bianca Valerio sits down with former PBA player Gene Tejada as he chronicles the liberating miracle of his recovery from a paralyzing accident.
In honor of Father's Day weekend, columnist Bianca Valerio offers practical yet awesome gift ideas for the men in our lives. columnist Bianca Valerio gives the lowdown on falsies and extensions. Learn how to remove them without damaging your delicate lashes. columnist Bianca Valerio gives us the lowdown on the benefits of the popular lemonade diet.
Want to look fresh and flawless first thing in the morning? columnist Bianca Valerio clues us in on snooze time tricks to keep wrinkles and breakouts at bay.
Get to know the hunky Fil-Am athlete as he spills about football, <i>Pinays</i>, and the important cause he supports. columnist Bianca Valerio gives practical style tips for first-time fashion event attendees. columnist and makeup artist Bianca Valerio schools us on the different types of lipsticks and how to pick out the right ones. columnist Bianca Valerio shares tips for girls who want to become beauty experts, just like her.