'Do I really need it?'
While a basic yet consistent skincare routine-we're talking about topical serums and moisturizers-is vital in scoring a flawless, youthful complexion, there are other things you can try to boost up your skin's health. Facials, treatments, and
An expert weighs in on whether they're worthwhile.
Last week, British personal trainer Russell Bateman launched a new daily multivitamin known as Lyma, which is now available for international shipping. The founder of Skinny Bitch Collective, an invite-only workout club known for its controversial name and unconventional, "cave-girl
We asked four doctors to give us collagen 101.
Any beauty addict knows that a glowing complexion takes more than just a tried-and-tested skincare regimen-you have to think about what you put inside your body as well. In addition to eating healthy, beauty supplements, which are marketed as
Beauty or bullshit?
Forget whitening pills, the new trend in the beauty world these days? Pills that contain UV protection.They're called Ultra Care capsules (from skincare brand Heliocare), which work like a daily supplement. Each pill contains a natural plant extract called Fernblock,
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