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Gross, but v v fulfilling.
For us, toner is one of the most important steps in our skincare routines because it's able to get dirt and bacteria from our complexions that our cleansers left behind.In our quest to learn which affordable toner is the ~
Which one can work for light, medium, and dark skin tones?
No matter how matte your lipstick is, sometimes it just bleeds/moves/smudges all over the place! Enter lip liners, tiny colored pencils that let you trace and shape your pout to prevent your chosen color from bleeding. For today's
A great mascara for less than P200?! You better believe it!
Cheap or affordable doesn't necessarily mean a product won't deliver results. This product roundup will prove that you don't have to spend a ton of money to get amazing lashes! We give you the lowdown on
As Kris Aquino famously said, 'Oiliness is next to joblessness.' LOL!
We love setting powders, especially in this crazy humid weather. That's why for today's Beauty Wars, we tested three different translucent pressed powders to see which one can work for ALL skin tones and make us look flawless
See which formula came out on top in our latest review!
Because red lipstick looks good on everyone, it has endured every possible beauty trend you can think of. So it's only natural that for this edition of Beauty Wars, we paid homage to the classic hue by trying
Do these ~*cute cushions*~ live up to the hype?
For our last edition of Beauty Wars for this month, we chose a hot (but cute) makeup trend-cushion blush.Read on to find out which one is worth the purchase.***Aritaum Sugarballl Cushion Blusher in No. 2 Milk CoralPrice:
We tried out a few Korean cushions to see if they're ~*holy grail*~ material!
For today's Beauty Wars, we're going back to the OGs, testing a few famous Korean cushion compacts to see which ones will give us that coveted ~*Korean fresh-faced glow*~.Read below to see what we think of
See how we rated these wallet-friendly glitter pigments in our latest beauty review!
When searching for the perfect eyeshadow, we know what to look for: a layerable, pigmented, long-wearing, and blendable formula. But with glitter pigments, it's an entirely different story because they're not the same as regular eyeshadows-they're used
Are these affordable dupes worth it?
The whole world can't get enough of Kylie Jenner's liquid lipstick and lip pencil duo, but let's be real, they're expensive AF! With their $29 (P1,445.50) price tag, not everyone has the extra money (and patience
From millennial pink to hot pink, see which eyeshadow won the beauty battle in our latest makeup review!
Last month we did peach eyeshadows, but we're picking color of the moment "millennial pink" for Beauty Wars this time around. You've probably spotted the shade on everything from clothes to makeup to bags to unicorn
We review three products to see which gives the best natural flush.
There's nothing like wearing a full face of makeup to make you feel *fabulous*. But sometimes, when you're too tired to care, a 2-in-1 product is a godsend for pulling your look together!Which is why, for today'
We review the skincare products that keep your face fresh and protected!
When the heat is on, there's nothing we want more than to splash cold water on our faces. But obviously, we can't-doing so might ruin our makeup, and you all know how hard it is to make a flawless
Are these colored mascaras worth the purchase?
We'll just come right out and say it: Black mascara can sometimes feel boring. That's why, for our latest Beauty Wars review, we tested crazy, colorful mascaras -spoiler alert, we had so much fun! Here are our thoughts
We review four Western cushion compacts at various price points.
When Western brands started making their own versions of the trending Korean cushion compact, we were so curious to see if they lived up to the originals. That's why, for today's edition of Beauty Wars, we're rating
See what we thought of these illuminating products in our latest round of reviews.
Growing up, our moms and lolas always told us to "powder our noses" (using the famous Johnson's Baby Powder no less), because we were starting to get shiny. But today, shine is IN. So for our eighth Beauty Wars
Reviews of products in the shade you'll be wearing all summer long!
The cool weather calls for rose-toned blushes, while brightening pink tones are for gloomy days. But when it's hot and humid and the sun feels like it'll never set, it's time to bring out the
We reviewed seven wallet-friendly nude lippies just for you.
We love a bold red lip for a quick pick-me-up, but for day to day, it's a nude lippie for us! The problem, however, is that finding a good nude-one that won't make you look dead-can
We tried out cream and powder shadows—guess which formula we liked more!
Millennial pink may be the shade to wear for clothes this year, but for makeup, it's peach. The color looks great on everyone because of its warm hue-seriously, it flatters ALL skin tones.Naturally, for the fourth edition of
We reviewed three different two-toned lipsticks. Check out what we thought!
Gradient (sometimes called "ombre") lips are popular for a reason: It gives your lips that just-bitten look. While we usually love a full matte lip, we also enjoy wearing something lighter and fresher from time to time, especially for summer.In
Kilay is everything, right?
If there's one makeup category Pinays can't live without, it's their kilay products-they frame the face, after all! So for the second Beauty Wars review, we focused on affordable brow pencils to show you which ones
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