When sexual health meets population control
Finally, we've got development on some key national issues: sexual health, population control, and poverty. After his executive order in January 2017 to provide access to modern family planning, President Rodrigo Duterte officially OKd the full and intensified rollout of the
Do you suspect you may be pregnant?
Suspected pregnancies can be stressful for everyone involved, whether you're hoping for a positive or a negative result. Still, keeping these unconfirmed by avoiding a pregnancy test does nothing good; on the contrary, it prevents you from taking timely action to
Learn more about oral contraceptives.
Are you thinking about getting on the Pill? Or maybe you're already on it, but still want a little more information on using it. Oral contraceptives are one of the most popular birth control methods available locally.Learn more about them
Thinking about getting an intrauterine device, or IUD?
When it comes to birth control methods, most of those available in the Philippines are either short term (lasting one to three months) or permanent, such as sterilization. None of this is true for the IUD, or intrauterine device, which can serve
The calendar method is a popular option for natural family planning.
Choosing a birth control or family planning method is a very personal decision that must take several factors into account. If you decide against using a hormonal, barrier, or intrauterine device or substance and prefer to stick to natural solutions, this is
Six things to consider when choosing your contraception method.
When it comes to choosing the best way to prevent pregnancy, it isn't possible to make a blanket statement declaring one method better than all others. The birth control method that works for your friends may not be the best choice
Morning-after pills aren't legally sold anywhere in the Philippines.
When it comes to sex, I'm as vanilla as they come. I couldn't really talk about sex with some of my friends, who often had multiple partners or regularly got invited to BDSM balls. Sure, as a bisexual
Come on guys, it's 2018.
At the recently concluded first celebration of World Contraception Day in the Philippines, volunteers on-ground for NGOs and LGUs alike emphasized the importance of men's responsibility in birth control use-specifically, how they either tend to gloss over contraceptive
What are your other options?
Birth control is not a one size fits all thing. We've talked to some Pinays about their experiences on birth control pills, but what about women who actively choose a contraceptive method other than the pill? Here's what
Some women use disinfectants to avoid pregnancy.
Today, we're lucky enough to have a range of contraceptive options available to us. They have all been thoroughly researched by medical professionals and are deemed safe to be used.However, in other parts of the world, contraceptive methods are
Not all birth control pills (BCPs) are created equal.
Let's talk about birth control pills. We know some of you are curious. What brands are out there? What do most women take? What are the side effects? We interviewed 10 women to tell us about how they got on
Here’s everything you need to know moving forward.
If you haven't already heard, the Department of Health (DOH) and the Commission on Population (PopCom) have set out to fully implement the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RH) law. This is after a successful investigation by the Food and Drug
Or make it less effective.
The benefits and pitfalls of birth control pills are extensively debated, but for many, it's the best available form of contraception. Not only does it give you more control over when you get your period, and for some, lighten the flow
As the clock ticks and the controversial TRO stands, they're all running out.
In 2015, a group called Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines filed a complaint with the Supreme Court (SC). The group alleged that certain contraceptive implants allowed under the RH Law have "abortifacient side effects."Thus, the SC issued the temporary restraing
There's no need to panic.
Every woman knows how stressful it is to realize that you've missed a pill. Are you doomed? Should you stop having sex? What happens to the rest of the pack? ARE YOU ALREADY PREGNANT? We know that last one is a
Only 23 out of the 48 existing hormonal contraceptives are available in the market and most of them are expected to expire by 2018.
If you're like a lot of Filipino women, you're anxious about the country's dwindling contraceptive supply after the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) that affected the registration and renewal of hormonal contraceptives.And you're probably
They *do* ease poverty.
1. Some types of birth control are much more effective than others.Birth control is any method, medicine, or device that aims to prevent pregnancy. Contraceptives are classified as:2. There is a demand for effective birth control.Precisely because some contraceptives
And how effective they are.
To make big decisions, like having sex, it's important to know all your options, especially in terms of birth control. After all, safe sex is great sex. Ahead are 10 birth control methods to choose from:VIDEO: Jean Saturnino. ILLUSTRATION:
It's more unfair than you think.
TL;DR:In 2015 and 2016, the registration of 14 contraceptive brands have expired. This year, as of May 21, the certificates of 10 have already gone, and there will be four more before the year ends. Some of you Cosmo Girls
Here are all the possible reasons.
Whether you're a first-time birth control user or just trying a different prescription, one of the most common issues women bring up is weight gain. Have you noticed that? It's almost impossible to talk about birth control
It affects everyone, including YOU.
You must have heard by now that the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) that effectively suspended product registrations on contraceptives.Having a hard time finding your pill at the drug store? Nope, it's not the usual stock out
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