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Neri accepts her post-pregnancy self, warts and all—literally!
In a new Instagram post, Neri Naig Miranda gets real about the physical changes she endured during and after her pregnancy. Warts, stretch marks, dark spots, body odor, breast and nipple changes-you name it, she's struggled with it. As a
You live and you learn.
As a fully grown adult, you probably like to think you've nailed the basics in life. Washing yourself, getting dressed, feeding yourself, that sort of thing. But who knew that you've quite possibly been doing an integral part of this
Here are some solutions that will help you say goodbye to BO!
Where there's sweat, there's usually body odor-specifically in your kilikili. If you don't want to feel conscious about the peculiar smell that accompanies perspiration, read on for our seven tips:1. Use a cleanser during your showerWashing your
Stressed or suffering from a health condition?
The BasicsFirst, you need to know that there are two kinds of sweat. According to Vincent S. Roxas, M.D., "the eccrine sweat gland is found all over the body, producing clear odorless fluid. Apocrine is the usual culprit for smelly sweat.
Your vagina is telling you something, but you don't always have to be alarmed.
1. MuskyWhat it means: Your vagina is healthy! The musky smell is caused by the sweat glands in your nether region. Carry on!2. MetallicWhat it means: You just had your period or contact with semen. The change of pH causes the