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And other things you need to now about breast cancer.
Let's start with some facts: The World Health Organization (WHO) says breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, both in developed and developing countries; breast cancer is also considered to be the most common cancer type
Follow our simple guide and make sure you check your boobs regularly.
October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it's not just now that you need to be aware of checking your breasts; it's a habit you should be maintaining all year round, no matter your age or family
Gonna keep on screaming forever about how bodies are normal!
The nipple may not be 100 percent free just yet, but we're certainly living in a time of increased nipple visibility. Which is great! But one extremely unfortunate downer about all this nipple freedom is that it's leading
It's best to do the preventive methods now in our 20s.
Those of us who aren't really affected by breast cancer don't think or worry about it. That's pretty understandable since we can get caught up in the daily grind and other issues out there. And that's why there'
A lot of times, apparently.
To raise awareness for breast cancer, Nestle placed a hidden camera on a woman wearing a hot pink bra to see how many times people looked at her boobs. Given that they were emphasized for the campaign, it's not surprising that
Here's the perfect excuse to get a new limited edition pair of Levi's jeans: you get to help support breast cancer awareness.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as Cosmo chicks, it is our responsibility to do our part in helping fight this dreaded disease plaguing women all over the world. And it doesn't even have to be anything complicated or utterly
For a last hurrah for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Iza Calzado shares her insights on preventing the disease.
Through knowledge and prevention, that's how. All women are at risk when it comes to breast cancer. We should know by now that anyone can be a victim of this disease: mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. The disease is in fact