Is it time to define the relationship?
It's not uncommon for people to dodge the idea of "labeling" their relationship for various reasons. Couples will avoid having that talk for weeks or even months at a time. Sometimes people assume there's an unspoken understanding in place not
Are you a believer of the phrase 'first love never dies?'
Every other romance novel puts a great emphasis on a person's first love, and there's nothing wrong with that! Falling in love for the first time can be exhilarating; it makes you happy and it gives you a better, more
Why 'being ready for a relationship' is a myth.
I've heard of many stories of people getting stuck in relationship limbo. This is when a 'couple' becomes more than friends but less than lovers, and their major reason for them not making things official is that they aren't ready
Know you have a lot to gain in committing.
1. Admit you have commitment issues.As with any other issue, the way to resolve it is to first admit it's an issue to you. Denying and lying to yourself that it doesn't exist may make you feel okay now,
Is he ready to say "I do?"
Tired of playing the guessing game with your man? Here are eight signs that say he's ready to go down on bended knee and pop the big question.1. He introduces you to everyone he knows.Almost everyone in his circle
If you feel that he's not as serious as you are with making your relationship work, chances are, he really isn't.
There are men who are quick to step up and form lasting relationships, and there are those who are a bit wary of even testing the waters. Fear of commitment isn't a sin. After all, everybody gets his or her share
I swear I want a real relationship, but I keep dating guys who are already taken.
Q: I'm 29, and I have been in two "real" relationships; however, I seem to follow a pattern when it comes to dating. It seems like the only men that are interested or that I am interested in are unavailable. Married
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