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She has a fantastic view of the Manila Bay sunset, too.
Based on her posts on social media and the countless billboards we often see, it's safe to say that actress Ellen Adarna is a fitness buff. From boxing to practicing yoga, the Cebuana is dedicated to maintaining a healthy body-even
Beige, tan, white and light gray—these photos prove subdued tones are anything but boring.
When it comes to paint, decor, or accessories, a lot of homeowners like to go for neutrals or a variation of toned-down hues. We can't say we're surprised. Aside from not having to go through the trouble of matching
Indoor plants aren't just for green corners—you can hang them from the underside of your roof, too.
Nowadays, anything can be used as a pot, and with a little creativity-a hanging planter. Like any other indoor garden, these floating wonders are a great way to add some color, life and a punch of personality to any space! If
Get ideas on how you can showcase your collections, too!
While sturdy cabinets and trusty organizers can help keep our belongings organized, there are still days when we can't help but dream about spacious rooms filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves, pretty cabinets, and full length mirrors, to boot.If you'
The actress's spacious abode has four bedrooms, a guest room, two dining areas, and a family den, too.
It's safe to say that this property is a blessing for Jennylyn Mercado. It came at a time when she was looking for a new house and hoping to start anew. Located in a subdivision in Quezon City, the house is
Make your Gossip Girl dreams come true!
It's not surprising why many experiment with rustic and industrial interiors. These two add a distinct appeal to any space-a balance between edgy and cozy-giving the owners the freedom to style their homes with handpicked pieces and accessories. For
Fit for a ~*KWEEN*~ like her!
Selena Gomez is the undisputed queen of Instagram, and her gorgeous Texas mansion is just fit for a ~*KWEEN*~ like her. The hitmaker recently put it in the market, and we badly wish we had money to spare because the place is
She's set to move in soon!
Building a new home is no easy feat-it involves months of planning, construction, sourcing for the right pieces, and finally putting everything together under one roof. After these grueling processes, it's a given for homeowners to feel extra excited as
Non-hues can make a statement, too.
Whether you call it modern minimalism, the Marie Kondo effect or a growing hipster trend, you can't deny the fact that all-white interiors are here to stay. This milky non-color is your best bet when you can't decide
Transforming furniture, space-saving details, and cool colors make this tiny unit a must-see.
It's always a treat to visit reader homes for a couple of reasons. Aside from being able to transform bare spaces into beautiful and functional havens, the homeowners we've met always seem to take design to a whole new level-
You’ll experience major #FOMO if you don’t mark your calendars now.
Hey, Cosmo Girls! Tired of your usual weekend dates? Want to spice things up a bit? We have the perfect event for you!Mark your calendars on October 8 (Saturday) and 9 (Sunday) as Avida Land and Summit Media bring you the
It’s true! Science said so!
Everyone can agree that office work can get a little boring, especially if your work area isn't the most appealing. According to science, the look and vibe of your work space are actually important to your well-being. Research has shown
'Make a change, keep only what is part of your life NOW.' - Marie Kondo
It makes you focus on what is more importantKeeping a bag of clothes that don't fit anymore will only be a constant reminder of resolutions you've failed to keep. Start afresh by donating them to a charity and then focus
You HAVE to see her walk-in closet.
Max Collins' bedroom is striking for its bright white walls and intricate feminine details. Rose paintings, angel carvings, a white long-stemmed orchid, pearls, and shells surrounding her perfume collection reflect Max's classy taste.On the inspiration for her bedroom: "I
Let's raid this Robinsons Operations Manager's <i>kikay</i> kit, shall we?
Leeann Rubio turned her quaint apartment into the ultimate kikay girl's dream home. As Robinsons Operations Manager for cosmetics brands Shiseido and Benefit, it's no surprise that Leeann has an extensive collection of makeup scattered around her house."I loved
Build your dream home!
Buying your first home is an exciting yet scary milestone in your life. Not only is it a long-term commitment, but it also requires a lot of research and planning. To get you started on your journey, Real Living curated useful
The editor-in-chief and book author shares her cute finds, impulse buys, and favorite things in her condo.
A steady stream of sunlight follows after Candy magazine editor-in-chief Marla Miniano welcomes us inside her 30th-floor condo unit. A modest space of white walls and vibrant details, the 29-year-old's one-bedroom home reflects its owner'
Give your bathroom a fresh look with these creative and useful tips!
Use traysPlace your bottles of perfume, colognes, and creams on a tray. It will look like you're displaying them.Add a wall accentUse racks and shelves to organize your bathroom essentials. Choose one that will match your bathroom.Box it upEveryday
TLC for your tomes!
1. Set up a reading nook.An empty, quiet corner is the perfect space. Make it cozy by placing an upholstered chair, a good lamp, and a side table for your books. Add floor pillows so that your child can join in
Good luck trying to wake us up!
This Pastel-Colored New York-Style BedroomThe master bedroom in this 105sqm condo is spacious with a couple of functional pieces around. The bed has slim metal posts to save on space. This makes it possible to add more functional pieces. To