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The actress said not everyone is as big as everyone.
In a recent episode of The Bottomline hosted by Boy Abunda, Cuddle Weather actress Sue Ramirez got teary-eyed as she talked about young moviegoers favoring movies with popular actors.The clip, which was uploaded on YouTube on September 8, begins with
The lines will totally tug at your heartstrings.
The full trailer for Cuddle Weather is here and it had us giggling, sighing and feeling all romantic all at the same time. ICYDK, it's a movie starring Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing. They play two sex workers who agree
'hai im adela johnson. bet mu ba blue hair ko?'
It was only a few days ago when Regal Entertainment, Inc. released the teaser trailer for its upcoming movie, Cuddle Weather, which stars Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing. The story revolves around two sex workers, Adela (played by Sue) and Ram (played
We've been super intrigued ever since Sue Ramirez dropped the super sexy movie poster for Cuddle Weather, the film she's starring in with RK Bagatsing:Today, Regal Entertainment, Inc., which co-produced the movie with Project 8 Corner