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We all know the struggle of using a curling iron on our own hair to achieve our ~*dream waves*~. But sometimes, no matter how much hairspray you use, your curls still won't hold. Bagsak agad.What could you be doing
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Is there anything sexier than a beachy wave hairstyle? The only problem is, it's time-consuming to achieve it. It involves being skillful and patient with a curling iron! And because we want the easy life, we decided to try the
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The first time you get your own curling iron is exciting. You end up playing with it for hours to achieve your dream curls and waves-until you realize you have no idea what you're doing and that you almost always
Here's how you can take your beach waves to the next level.
Loose, imperfect curls that look tousled and carefree, not uniform and fake? It can be done!If you're struggling to get Alexa Chung or Taylor Swift's 'do, here's the reason: the barrel shape you're using is
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