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For the first time ever, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards is 100 percent digital! This means you get to instantly share these top-notch products with your friends with just a tap of your finger, or screencap your faves so you can refer
Yay for affordable options!
Dry shampoo is every girl's life-saver. It refreshes your hair when you skip shampoo, gives it instant volume with one spritz, adds grip so that your clips don't slide down, and cools down your body when you&#
This innovative hair product can do more than make your hair feel *fresh*.
Aside from making your three-day-old hair look brand new, dry shampoo can be used for a variety of things too: From polishing your kilay to freshening up your stinky shoes. Read on for ways to get the most out of
It's that one product missing in your kikay kit!
In case you don't know yet, dry shampoo deserves a spot in your makeup bag. It's perfect for commuting because it absorbs sweat and leaves a fresh scent. Plus, if you're born with fine hair, you'll love how
Sun, salt, and sand, optional.
Because of the crazy weather we've been having atm, sometimes your beachy waves can turn into a dull and frizzy mess in an instant. So what's the secret to having a red carpet-ready look that'll
This is scary.
Scary news for dry shampoo users: you could be thinning out your hair.Ever since we discovered dry shampoo, it has been a steady staple in our kikay kits. We keep one at home, one in our purse, and even one on
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