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Who knew a lash curler could be used for your fringe?
One struggle of having bangs is if your strands are straight, chances are, they dry down looking limp and lifeless. To make them look bouncy and fresh, you'd have to blow dry them or use a straightening iron. While there&#
The struggle to have perfectly curled lashes is real.
If you're Asian, chances are you have super straight lashes, so we're dedicating this post to you!It just makes your eyes look bigger and more awake!Accidentally pinching your lid or ripping out your lashes is never
Turns out, having lush lashes is a lot of work, but being able to bat them is worth it.
If you wake up with Bambi-like lashes, then more power to you. But if you're like the rest of the general population and need a little help in the lash department, these tips from Courtney Akai, owner of Courtney Akai
It's all in the pump.
Even though there are a ton of lash curlers available in the market-from plastic, to self-heating ones, to metal-it just seems so hard to find one that will keep your lashes up all day. And unless you're #
Is this even safe?!
If you have a problem curling your lashes, you might want to try-wait for it-fire. Because that's how the Koreans roll.Here's how they do it: They heat a metal wand or a toothpick for five
This Japanese brand gives us more reasons to get excited over makeup.
Makeup lovers, rejoice! Dolly Wink, one of Japan's most popular makeup lines has finally reached Philippine shores. There's no need to scour the Web for that elusive cat-eye make-up!Dolly Wink is available now at SOFA Retail Lab
It's time you paid more attention to enhancing, maintaining, and prettifying your peepers with these <em>kikay </em>kit essentials.