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Falling out of love doesn't necessarily mean you've reached the end.
1. You don't gush about him anymore. Or on the rare times you do talk about him, that excited look in your eyes is gone. It could mean you've gotten so used to him, you don't exactly find him
Falling over is the new black.
Falling over is in style, and Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest trendsetter of them all.It all started with some stair action at the 2013 Oscars...And then THIS, at the recently-concluded Academy Awards. Seriously, we should all take a hint
Suit up in trendy outfits that keep out the chill while keeping you looking hot! Here, we list 10 fall fashions you can easily cop.
Ladies, some news: the "-ber" months are finally upon us, which means it's time to tweak our wardrobes for cold weather fashion! While it's only been a few days into September, there's already a slight crispness to the atmosphere.
Fresh from the runways, these hot new looks are super easy to adapt for the office, a date, <i>and</i> the club!
While the Philippines may not have a fall season like other countries, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the seasonal fashion and beauty trends--regardless of the weather. With the -ber months almost upon us, makeup brands have slowly been making
Can’t afford <em>ka ba</em>? Don’t fret—Cosmo searched for couture-looking budget-friendly pieces to help you achieve the season's "it" looks.
Give your look an instant update this season by simply changing your lipstick shade.
Lusterless LipsMatte lips from the '90s are making a comeback minus the dryness, thanks to advance lipstick formulations that give your pout a matte finish while keeping them moisturized and full. Take on the ultimate fall look by wearing red or deep
There are certain looks that keep popping up on the runaway. Here are some that we can’t get enough of.