Take note of these steps to keep your locks healthy and soft!
To get a sleek head of hair, you only need one tool: a flat iron. But before you clamp two hot plates between your locks, take note of these six tips to avoid damaging your tresses.1. Make sure your hair is
Because mastering the flat-iron wave is hard!
There's a high chance you own a flat iron and know that you can create waves with a straightener, but can't quite master *flawless* waves. Cue the knowledge that's about to be bestowed upon you in this post. 1.
You don't need a curling iron to achieve sexy, tousled waves; a hair straightener can do the trick.
To save time, space (on your vanity table), and money, use a trick professional hairstylists employ: Curl hair with a flat iron. Loose, sexy waves aren't achievable only by using a curling rod or rollers; hair straighteners curl hair just as
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