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Dara is sooooo sweet as always!
Our pambansang krung krung Sandara Park has reminded us once again why she's the *best* chingu ever!The Hallyu superstar recently uploaded a short video of her on Instagram with the legendary K-pop group Super Junior, including Leeteuk, Siwon,
They revealed all the deets while playing the 'Never Have I Ever' game.
It's no secret that Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo are BFFs. In fact, they've been known to share a sisterly bond with other celebs like Anne Curtis, and Dimples Romana. In the middle of the pandemic, the four
'We all see her success. Her undeniable talent and beauty. But what you don't see is what a wonderful mother she is.'
Jennifer Lawrence has described Adele as an "international treasure" in a gushing tribute for TIME magazine.The 27-year-old singer features in the 2016 TIME 100, the publication's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. In
You have bodyguards! LOL.
1. You get the guy perspective for all your boy troubles. Your guy friends will let you know if you're fretting over something or nothing, will tell you what his cryptic or "cold" reply is all about, and what you can
Being blunt AF has its downsides. (Which might also be upsides, if you're being totally honest. Which you always are.)
1. Your friends expect you to stand up for them, even when it has nothing to do with you. Yeah, you're happy to send your own burrito back when they forget the two dollars of guacamole you paid for, but now
Listen to what she has to say and you might be surprised.
Cockblocking friends are something I came across all too frequently when interviewing singles for my new dating guide. Going out with a single girlfriend should be a level playing field; you should look out for each other and boost each other's
You make everything about you.
1. You don't know anything about her life. You think she's still with her boyfriend, but the truth is, she's been single for two years. It was a nasty breakup. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?2. You don't tell
There's a reason you haven't dated yet.
1. He's never had a serious relationship that wasn't like, "oh, she lived in QC so we didn't really see each other that much." Sure, he was with Beth for a year and a half but he was miserable
Improve your social skills with these simple tricks for attracting the attention of others.
1. Improve your posture. In a study, those with good posture were deemed to be more exciting than slumpers. Set your stance by pressing your upper back against a wall, then work to maintain the position.2. Maintain eye contact.Many people
What do Cosmo girls love about their girlfriends? We asked some of you, our dear readers, to dish in this fun video. Share it with your girlfriends, too!
We’re still on a <em>Boys Over Flowers</em> high! See our online hottie turn into the Korean TV series’ romancing Romeo.
We're making November's featured hottie channel hit Korean series <em>Boys Over Flowers</em>. Be ready to swoon.
Lovin' our October hunk? Brace yourself for more of him. On his second week, our sexy vampire spills some secrets.