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Be careful how you use these signals. Especially when you're abroad.
The V sign means peace in the Philippines, but in other countries it can actually mean war.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Learn to flirt without even opening your mouth. Master the body language tricks that will make guys go out of their way to meet you--and possibly date you on V-Day!
Everyone has that friend who constantly gets hit on--even though she may not be the prettiest girl in the group. Whether that beeyatch (kidding...kind of) realizes it or not, she's using silent cues that men inherently have a hard
Don't let the romance factor fizzle out just as a new year's beginning! Read these tips for igniting the fireworks between you once more.
1. Relish The Small Stuff"Initiate little love gestures," says John Valentis, PhD, co-author of Romantic Intelligence. Have a midweek date or make out on a secluded park--just because.2. Have An Argument"Little day-to-day frustrations can dissolve