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Being short has just as many day-to-day advantages as being tall.
It's tough being short. You can't reach tall cabinets. People elbow you at concerts. And being a short guy is doubly-tough. You have to deal with a lot of judgmental people who think being a short guy
Without heels, of course!
We've got the male celebs covered-now it's the girls' turn. Which of these Pinay celebs do you think looks way taller (or shorter) than their actual heights?VIDEO: Jana Jodloman
Admit it, you're curious.
How tall are our favorite Pinoy celebrities? (Translation: Who will make us tiptoe when we kiss? LOL!) Watch the video to find out!VIDEO: Trina Elefante Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
Why was Diana made to look shorter than her husband?
You know when you go for ages without noticing something, but then someone points it out and you just can't un-see it? Yeah, that's happened to us with these old photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.As pointed
Giiiiiirl, we don't mean the one down there.
Researchers have found that our genes have a role in our choice of partners, and these genes are the ones that determine our height. But the study, published in the journal Genome Biology, doesn't answer if we date a person of
Cosmo's Style & Beauty columnist dishes some tips for creating the optical illusion of a taller, leaner you.
Our love for towering heels seems to stem from our desire to be taller. And our perseverance in sweating it out in the gym? All for our desire to be slimmer, right?Height certainly draws a lot of attention, so it's
Still wish you're taller? The sweet-faced actress gives her personal style tips for working a small physique.
Are you one of those Pinays who wish they were taller to look better in clothes? You need not be supermodel-tall to turn heads or look fabulous. One prime example of that is GMA-7's rising young star Kris Bernal,