Her luminous skin is simply goals!
We hope we aren't the only ones who know this fact: Dawn Chang loves glowing makeup looks. It's almost like Dawn walks around with a ring light to illuminate her face. Here's proof:Dawn embraces her
Never leaving home without it!
We are obsessed with anything multipurpose, which is why we got super psyched when we discovered Skin Potions' new product: Glam Pocket. At first glance, it reminds you of the popular '90s toy, Polly Pocket. Back then, every girl wanted
You can go from subtle to ~blinding~ real quick!
Applying highlighter is one of the quickest ways to upgrade your looks. There are so many highlighter types and finishes to choose from, like powder, cream, jelly, and liquid! On top of my list of favorites are cream highlighters, because they'
A little tweaking is all you need.
Do you sometimes notice that your highlighter looks so chunky and unnatural no matter how much you blend it? You apply it and expect to look like a glazed donut, but you just end up looking like you have a chunk of
Here's a highlighting makeup technique for oily skin.
I've lost count at how many times I've shared on Cosmopolitan that I have oily skin. Since I hit puberty, fighting pimples has become an ongoing skin crusade for me. Aside from dealing with acne that comes with
It's truly electrifying!
MAC Cosmetics brings us a new makeup collection inspired by the glistening tones of the desert: Electric Wonder! Tones of pink, peach, and bronze-which perfectly complement Pinay skin tones-will give your face that luminous yet warm glow.Electric Wonder features
Know more about these ~trending~ products!
Today in glass skin news, we will discuss a newcomer in the highlighter family: Highlighter face mists. These babies are like setting sprays that give the face an INSANE glow. Think of them as products that envelop the skin in ~*even radiance*~-
Get ready to glisten!
We don't know what it is about summer but whenever it comes around, we just want our shoulders, collarbones, and legs to g-l-i-s-t-e-n. If you're like us, these are the perfect products
It was a week full of rediscovery.
As the Assistant Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Philippines, I get sent and try a ton of beauty products. This results in my kikay kit always being a combination of various brands, never from just one-in fact, I actually get excited/kilig
Snatch that sun-kissed glow!
It's officially summer, aka the time when we take advantage of the sunshine hitting our cheekbones in our selfies and IRL. And what better way to boost this ~phenomenon~ by whipping out a highlighter? Add that extra glow to your
The actress filmed her latest vlog ep in Korea.
While Jessy Mendiola was on vacation in Korea earlier this year, she filmed a Korean makeup tutorial, which she's now sharing on her vlog. It's a quick tutorial because her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, was already hungry at the time. LOL!
Because we're all about that sweaty glow this summer.
No matter where we go, whether it's hot or cold, there's always one makeup product we never fail to apply on our faces: highlighter. We're obsessed with bathing our cheekbones, browbones, nose bridges, and cupids'
Get. That. Glow.
Highlighters bless our faces with a faux glow-the express ticket to a dewy, glazed doughnut complexion. If you're too lazy to go full-on glam, just sweep a luminizing product on the cheekbones and you'll look as
Here are all the 69 winners!
For the first time ever, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards is 100 percent digital! This means you get to instantly share these top-notch products with your friends with just a tap of your finger, or screencap your faves so you can refer
P2,000 for a foundation? Worth it.
While it's true money can't buy happiness, it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself every once in a while! Here, 10 Pinays talk about the high-end makeup products they have no regrets dropping
P-beauty is happening, everyone!
P-beauty (our nickname for Pinoy beauty products) deserves to be known globally. After all, our local beauty industry is bursting with high quality items. We asked different Pinays what their fave finds are, and tbh, we had a hard time narrowing
Try this hack the next time you do your makeup.
We'll be the first ones to admit that ever since highlighting became more mainstream, we haven't really skipped doing the step in our daily makeup routines. (Yes, even during days when we're just running errands at the nearby mall,
Looking fab, girl!
There's an outdated belief that Pinays with morena skintones can't wear colorful makeup. We're calling bullsh*t on that because Ylona Garcia, a morena kween, just proved that anyone can sport color wherever they like on
Straight from Patrick Starrr!
Highlighters are pretty much a basic must-have for all girls now. Applying it is the fastest way to look dewy and snatched! But if you're worried about your oily complexion, large pores, and appearing sweaty instead of glowy, try
Get the glow sans the slick.
Who says oily skin can't use highlighters? Here, we round up the best items to give your face the right amount of glow sans the shine.Follow Ira on Instagram.
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