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He had the rings custom made!
DAWN is spilling the tea on how much he actually spent on the engagement rings he had custom made for him and his fiancée HyunA.The two appeared as guests in comedian Lee Yong Jin's Youtube channel and talked
Cue in the wedding bells!
It sure looks like it's engagement season in the Hallyu world! Love is in the air for 2022 with Korean celebrities-from K-drama actors to K-pop idols-announcing their upcoming wedding, and we couldn't be happier
Congratulations to our mom and dad!
Omo, we have *another* Korean celebrity couple who will tie the knot *soon*! It looks like K-pop idols HyunA and DAWN are now engaged as seen on their respective IG accounts.Last night, DAWN uploaded a photo and video of their
They might just help you pick a new design for yourself!
If you're familiar with K-pop culture, then you've probably noticed that tattoos are heavily censored in media. When an idol has tattoos, it's either they cover it up with long sleeves or are straight-up blurred out on
You'll enjoy watching their vlogs!
Don't you just love it when you can see your favorite K-pop idols enjoying their lives outside of the spotlight? There's a great platform for that, and it's YouTube! Here, they can vlog about their
The year 2013 was the best, periodt.
If you've been a K-pop fan for years now, you'd know how exciting December is because it's finally awards szn-which means that K-pop performances are bigger, better, and *literally* brighter! We also get
She's now labelmates with Hyuna, Jessi, DAWN, and Crush!
Another powerful artist is added to an already-powerful pack! Heize, the soulful voice behind the soundtracks of hit K-dramas like It's Okay To Not Be Okay, When The Camellia Blooms, Hotel Del Luna, and Goblin, has signed with
Hail to the queens.
In a sea of K-Pop idol groups, being a solo artist is no easy feat. It's hard to promote on your own, and even harder to carry the entire stage by yourself. But there are some that just naturally
Admit it, you knew these steps, too!
Think you don't know K-pop? To prove that there's a little bit of a K-pop fan in all of us, we compiled eight songs that are guaranteed, at the very least, to make you sway your hips (or
'I'm going to love myself and take care of myself.'
K-Pop icon HyunA got real about a lot of things on her Instagram account on November 28, 2019, Thursday.The former Wondergirls and 4Minute member revealed she's actually battling depression, panic disorder, and vasovagal syncope, a condition wherein she
Turn to your fave idols for style inspo!
They may be known for their stellar performances, but K-pop stars have also shaken up the style scene with the way they dress! Check out the essential items that make these chic performers stand out, even off-stage:The more colorful,
Her outfits are never boring.
Only Hyuna can turn off-duty outfits into sexy, edgy, and fun looks all at once. Her signature piece? Hats that add to the swagger of her already head-turning OOTDs.Take cues on how she styles them: This '90s-inspired,
After they went public, their label said, 'the trust is broken beyond repair.'
K-Pop solo artist HyunA (formerly of the Wonder Girls, briefly, and 4Minute) and boy band PENTAGON's rapper E'Dawn-who are also both part of trio Triple H-are reportedly at risk of being fired by their music