These simple storage solutions will make you want to tidy up!
If you've been spending most of your time indoors (we hope you are!), then you've probably been working on how to make your space a bit more organized and maybe even #aesthetic. In case you're in
We need these in our lives!
Our obsession with pretty, IG-worthy plates is far from over, and we have Cerco (@ceramic_collective) to blame for that. One of their recent releases, the Milky Mini Collection, is absolutely perfect for our dream ~cool girl~ aesthetic. Check it out below:
Your furry friends will love you even more.
We don't know about you, but it feels like the ~soothing~ powers of cuddling or even just hanging out with our dogs multiplied tenfold since the quarantine began. It seems our puppers are one of the few constants we have
They're super Instagrammable!
When you're mostly staying indoors, you can't help but think of things you can do to improve inside the house. Some are into decluttering and organizing, while others are into decorating their homes. If you belong to the
Perfect for people who are in love with this color!
Can't get enough of pink? We already showed you where you can shop pink gadget accessories and pink baking tools, but in case you were looking for more places where you can score pretty pink finds, we stumbled upon an
They'll elevate your food photos!
If you're a lot like us, you probably have an obsession with #aesthetic tableware. Whether it's pretty plates or cute cups-you'll immediately hit that "add to cart" button whenever you spot something that will make
They'll look so good on the 'gram!
Aside from indoor gardening, one of the things we've been obsessed with is buying ~aesthetic~ plates, mugs, and cups. They just make our quarantreats seem extra delish, don't you think? If you're tired, however, of the
Plus, they're super affordable!
With COVID-19 showing no signs of going away anytime soon, it looks like we'll be spending most of our time in our homes (which is the responsible thing to do, anyway!) With that, a lot of companies have enforced
If you were someone who spent most of your time traveling to and from work before the quarantine was imposed, you probably relied on street food for sustenance, especially in between rides. Some examples of the most common ones are squid balls,
We need 'em all!
Cookies are a staple snack for many of us. From crunchy, gooey, chewy, and with assorted fillings and toppings, they come in many forms and we love them all! We like them even more, though, when they're in cute shapes,
They also offer keyrings and phone grips!
If like us, your current obsession is pretty phone cases, we're here to add something to your ever-growing wish list. We stumbled upon K-ases, an Instagram shop that offers personalized resin phone cases, phone grips, and keyrings.They
OMG, we want everything.
Hello, and welcome to another episode of "Cute Stuff We Found On Instagram!" Today, we will be shining the spotlight on Cura Cura PH, a local online shop that sells a variety of pretty plates and other ~aesthetic~ home decor.ICYDK, they
BRB, ordering it right now!
Other than gardening, redecorating our room, and baking, one more hobby that people picked up during the quarantine is buying the prettiest and most #aesthetic kitchenware, cups, and mugs to add to their collection. Interested in purchasing more? Check out these cute
Perfect for your feed!
These days, you've probably been posting a lot of throwback photos or, if you're a lot like us, food pics. In case you want to level up your food photos, know that your choice of dishes and glassware
We're copping ASAP.
Other than gardening, another hobby that people have picked up during the quarantine is redecorating their rooms. From adding plants to every possible corner of their house to purchasing quirky knick-knacks, there is just no shortage of all the things Pinoys
We *need* them all!
We're totally *not* over gold chains and pendants, and we have local brand TALA by Kyla to blame for it. They constantly release new collections and pieces and we just can't get enough of them. Their latest drop
*Adds everything to cart.*
We've been seeing a lot of #roommakeover posts on our Insta feeds lately, and with the rise in online shopping, the variety of choices can be overwhelming. If you've been creating home decor wish lists or Pinterest boards
We need everything!
A number of new hobbies have popped up for a lot of us while we're in quarantine. Some discovered they enjoy baking (we're looking at you, cookies and ube cheese pan de sal), while others have become a
We are so in love with its design!
Throwback fashion is back, and this is something Issa Pressman knows pretty well. She's been strutting in wide-leg pants and bandanas like it's no one's business-which is why we weren't surprised to
You’ll want them all!
Toting a smaller-than-usual sling bag or clutch is tantamount to letting go and freeing yourself from ~worries~ of not bringing your entire house wherever you go! With only the super duper important things in tow, you're actually making room
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