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Go Yoon Jung's bare-faced selfies are out of this world.
Law School, JTBC's new legal drama starring Kim Bum and Ryu Hye Young (I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PAIRING, OKAY?) aired its first two episodes on Netflix this week, and we're already hooked! The series tells
She's so talented, she got the lead role in a film after her very first audition!
Unlike many of the top Korean actresses of her generation, Jeon Jong Seo has only starred in a handful of movies-and now she's headlining the Korean adaptation of Money Heist as Tokyo. I'm telling you: she'
Last year's highest paid Korean actor is coming back this year with another record-breaking paycheck!
It looks like Kim Soo Hyun is up for one monumental pay raise this year. According to an article by South Korean news outlet OSEN, the Hallyu star is set to earn a whopping 500 million won (approximately P21.4 million) for
See you soon, Denver!
Ah, Kim Ji Hoon: The perfectly scary and *hot* villain in Flower Of Evil who is also starring in the upcoming Korean adaptation of Money Heist as Denver! While he gained maaany new fans after his Flower Of Evil stint, Ji Hoon
BRB. Putting my earphones in and pretending my life's a K-Drama!
When I'm watching a really good romantic Korean drama, it's like I turn into a lovesick high schooler getting all the butterflies everywhere. It's easy to get wrapped up in it, and by the time that
You HAVE to see the before and after pics!
Have you ever seen people alter their clothes on their own to make them fit better or create a completely different piece of clothing? ICYDK, there's a term for that process and it's called a thrift flip. It&#
These two were sooo cute together!
We waited TWO WHOLE YEARS for Love Alarm Season 2, and I don't know about you, but I super loved the ending. Earlier this month, Cosmopolitan Philippines got the chance to attend a press conference and roundtable interview for the
I lost it at 'I promised that I'd make your Love Alarm ring 10 times a day!'
Love Alarm Season 2 dropped on Netflix this month, and viewers-including this author-have LOTS OF FEELS. In a world where a mobile app tells your crush you're into them, we witnessed the joys and heartaches of Jojo (Kim
He's played a cute delivery man, a composer's assistant, and a vampire's love interest!
Ever since Love Alarm Season 1, our bb Song Kang has been sooo busy and we couldn't be happier for him! His Instagram following shot up + he has been receiving drama offers right and left. Song Kang officially debuted as
He will be leaving 'River Where The Moon Rises' for good.
Korean actor Ji Soo entered the industry in the late 2000s and was famous for his many second lead roles. According to Viki, Ji Soo acted in stage productions and short films before getting his big break in the shows Angry Mom (
Here's what you need to know about the Global Korea Scholarship.
Do you ever just close your eyes and dream about being somewhere far, far away? 'Cause hard same. I, sometimes, take it a step further by watching virtual walking tours in South Korea, a place I intended to visit in 2020-
Can you believe she's only 21 years old?!
You guys, I can't believe Kim So Hyun is only 21 years old. Like. Really?? She's accomplished sooo much at such a young age and I'm so proud of her! She's been in the
If the Love Alarm app existed IRL, she wouldn't download it!
They've mostly been helpful to students, especially during the pandemic.
I'm the type of person who likes to play music in the background whenever I work. Most of the time, I just play whatever is on my Spotify playlists and it helps me get started on my tasks for the
Happy Valentine's Day, indeed!
Power pair Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin took over Valentine's Day at the release of their newest ad for telco provider Smart. The real-life couple, who both starred in the hit 2019 drama Crash Landing On You, also flexed
Kim Tae Ri's projects are always A++!
Space Sweepers dropped on Netflix this month, and it's fast becoming everyone's new favorite film! It tells the story of four crew members of a spaceship called Victory (one of them's an actual robot) and their *
Hello to Song Joong Ki's adorbs relationship with 'Dorothy!'
I initially wanted to watch the Netflix film solely because of Song Joong Ki (yes I am ~basic~), but Space Sweepers actually turned out to be a super fun space adventure film and I loved all the characters! It was unexpectedly emotional
Yup, it's really been 10 WHOLE YEARS since we met students from Kirin Art High School, Ji Hyun from 49 Days, and Poochai from City Hunter! For more *nostalgic feels*, here's a list of K-dramas that are