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Watch their sweetest moments here!
From SongSong to Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung, here are our six favorite real-life Korean celeb couples that we just can't get enough of!VIDEO: Iya Mercado Follow Ginyn on Instagram. Follow Jacinda on Instagram.
Are you going to give yourself some '80s-inspired curls or a boyish bob?
Koreans are famous for their innovative skincare ingredients and formulas, and cute and trendy cosmetic packaging. But lately, their hair looks are something you should watch for, too. We noticed that just like the French, Koreans love to wear hairstyles that look
Don't forget to try these affordable treats during your trip!
You see them in almost any K-drama featuring college students with limited allowances or middle class workers. You might even see them in stories where a chaebol (an heir to a conglomerate) falls in love with a ~*commoner*~. You see how
If your fave series gets adapted as a 'teleserye,' who do you think will play the lead guy?
Korean dramas-some watch them for the plots and some for the ~*cinematography*~. Others, however, just have one thing in mind: The oppas are TO DIE FOR. Any fan would agree that their fave lead guys are 100% irreplaceable, but have you
Care for some snail mucus, horse oil, or bee venom?
Anywhere in the world, you will find a K-beauty fan that swears by the skincare products from the Land of the Morning Calm, and in her arsenal, you will find at least one product with an ingredient that isn't typically
We caught up with the K-pop sensation while he was here in Manila for his recent album launch. Learn more about him and see up-close pics!
Armed with talent, flawless looks, and a heart of gold, there's nowhere but up for Korean pop star and heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong, who continues to win hearts the world over. He's famous for being the leader of Korean idol