Who says people have to be loud to exude excellence?
Many of us have been led to believe that extroverts-people who love groups, are generally energetic, and who can charm a room-are the only ones who make it to the top and make great leaders. They seem bibo and in
Nope, it's not your technical know-how that counts the most!
You need to be emotionally intelligent. Who would have thought? It's the most important requirement for a great leader. Unfortunately, it's been overlooked.So what counts as emotional intelligence? Apart from social skills and knowing how to network, it's
She is basically our entire team's #lifepeg.
1. She broadens the world's definition of "hot." She's not Maxim's hottest woman in the world only because of her looks. She's #1 because she is smart, she has a great personality (she forgave Kanye West, after all)
Meet two Fun, Fearless Female Awardees who have helped foster nationalism among today's youth. Their passion for our country will surely inspire you!
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