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Prepare to fight over how soft the toilet paper is.
1. Your bathroom feels so much smaller than it is. Two people sharing a bathroom is the ultimate trial of will. You might think you don't need that much room for your toiletries. You might think you're OK with someone
Is it time to take the next step?
While the thought of sharing your bed with someone EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. might fill you with enough fear to run for the hills and not look back, if you're relating to these signs, you and your significant other could actually be
It's not as easy as you think.
While having a place of your own with your significant other can be liberating and exciting, there are still a few things you need to consider before you two finally take the plunge. And even if your relationship was great when you
"Any time my parents came to visit he would throw all of his stuff in the back of his car."
Moving in with bae is a big step that raises a bunch of big questions, like Are we the kind of couple that pees with the door open? and Does this mean I can't leave my bras hanging on the
"WOW, the toilet has never looked so clean!" said no live-in-girlfriend ever.
1. You will have to rewash their their newly washed clothes. Unless you end up with a guy that's good at this, in which case, hold onto him and never, ever let go.2. Dat honeymoon period is officially over. Sexting
Moving out of your parents' home (within 2013!) is totally possible. One fun, fearless female shows you exactly how.