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Listen to granny!
The thing we love about ladies with more than six decades of life up their sleeves is that, more often than not, they've figured out their personal style to perfection. That stlye may mean simple, pared-down looks or that outlandish,
Not just for their OOTDs, but also for their young vibes!
The world puts so much importance on youth-anti-aging serums, young Hollywood on magazine covers, youngest achievers lists, and just about anything to do with being young. But breaking away from the drift are senior citizens who aren't afraid to
'Their story reminded me that if you feel strongly for someone, stick around.'
I'm one of those people who take ages to move on from someone they love. I'd have friends screaming in my ear that I should quit the drama and shoving me towards the nearest single guy who's not completely
There is no greater pleasure than being canceled on when you never really wanted to go in the first place.
1. You've gotten into the habit of putting your phone on airplane mode and getting into bed with a hot water bottle and matching pajamas at around 9 p.m. every night.2. There is no greater pleasure than being canceled
This one's for you, lola.
1. Whenever you get into a fight with your parents (especially your mom) she'll always, ALWAYS be on your side. May it be a mishap you had in school or an act of rebellion, for some reason, lola would be more