It's time to try something new!
Nadine Lustre always looks good with whatever hairstyle she's wearing. But lately, we noticed she's all about the ~*braids*~. If you're looking to spice up your everyday hair look, scroll below for inspo from Nadz!You
Need a new hairstyle to try? Look no further!
Welcome to's ultimate guide to hairstyles! Bookmark this on your phone's browser (or maybe save it on Pinterest) so you can refer to it every time you run out of ways to do your hair. We&#
Time to give your mermaid hair an upgrade!
Now that summer's about to be over and the clouds are looking a little greyer, you're safe to grow out your summer-length haircuts of bobs, pixies, and lobs. Long hair is in again, but that doesn't mean you'
Her hair is ~*magical*~, you guys!
You really can find everything on the internet! We just discovered Dashik Gubanov, a Russian woman with hair long enough for her to earn the title of "Real-Life Rapunzel." Check out the mesmerizing photos below:Her bun is perfect and full:
If we realize we don't have a hair tie and we're not at home, buckle the eff up.
1. She is basically a human pile of hairbands and hair ties. In our purse, on our wrist, in the shower, on the counter. They surround us at all times. The fact that Dr. Seuss never made a whimsical book about all 
R.I.P. wearing lip gloss.
1. The hell that is leaving the house without a hair elastic.I may as well have forgotten pants or a shirt or my house keys. I am that fucked.2. Trying to convince yourself that hair elastic on your wrist looks
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