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For a fresh, oil-free look!
If you have super oily skin, then you know how annoying it is to have your foundation move around or disappear throughout the day. Luckily, that can be prevented via a face primer! For your skin type, look for ones that regulate
You really need one in your life.
Most of us think that using a primer is just an extra and unnecessary step in our makeup routines. That is, until we saw this photo:Our skin naturally has textures-pores, fine lines, facial hair-and makeup primer acts like a
Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm as a makeup primer? Why not?
I first heard about Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm's ~extra~ benefit on NikkieTutorials' YouTube channel. She kept raving about it, saying that it works as a great foundation base. According to her, it has glycerin, which makes the
This is the ultimate beauty secret!
Runway shows always boast of gorgeous, glowing skin-as if they're not wearing any makeup at all (which they totally are, btw). So what's the secret behind their kakainggit, perfect complexions? Primers, baby! "Excessive makeup is a big no-no
Who needs a primer? You do. Really.
1. It's an alternative to facial oil blotters. Stash your primer in your bag and dab a teensy bit (a little goes a long way!) on areas afflicted with midday shine.2. It evens out your skin tone.Truth is, some
Prolong your hot summer looks even in the scorching heat with these tips from columnist, model and makeup artist Bianca Valerio.
Living in a tropical country should make us experts at adapting to fickle weather by now, but with global warming reaching exorbitant heights, there's just no escaping the summer heat! If your makeup ends up fading away in this humidity,