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But why...?!
We, the beauty world, collectively took a hot sec to switch our focus from wild nail art to crazy brow trends. But I'm here to tell you that nail art is back with a vengeance-this time in the form
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The feeling of having a fresh manicure is unlike anything-even more when it's nail art! When your digits are coated in crazy shapes and embellishments, they just look so pretty and whimsical! Unlike singular nail colors, nail art allows
I've always fancied myself wearing Kylie Jenner-esque polished digits, but I couldn't grow my nails long even if I wanted to. I'm a clumsy person, so I'll easily break them for sure.I
It's the best and fastest way to have a flawless mani!
DIY manis can get messy-you almost always end up with smeared nail polish all over your fingers! To make things easier, here's a hack you can try the next time you paint your nails. Watch the video below and take
Minimalist with a twist!
Nude polish isn't the only option of classic brides who shy away from OTT manis. Here, we give you ideas to make your digits ~*extra*~ without going out of your comfort zone.1. Add a thin yellow stripe to nude nails
Something tells us this isn't what she meant...
We always thought the hardest part of the manicure process was picking your nail color. You walk into the salon telling yourself to pick a nude color because the last time you went red you hated it and there's no way