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Agot Isidro, Jim Paredes, Mo Twister, and Ethel Booba are just some of the celebs who tweeted amid the uproar regarding the viral video. Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson and blogger Drew Olivar are shown singing and dancing lewdly to a song
PEP.ph/Mark AtienzaFormer Japanese adult video actress Maria Ozawa made a shocking revelation after admitting on air that she had sex with her Nilalang co-star Cesar Montano last year.In an interview with Mo Twister during his Good Times With
Discover the face behind the voice as we give you behind-the-scenes access to Andi-9's Fun, Fearless Female Awards shoot!
If you're a music lover, chances are, you've been introduced to many of your favorite songs on the radio by one familiar, animated voice on a daily basis. Known to most radio listeners as Andi-9 of Magic 89.9,
All that and more in our roundup of the latest celebrity news!
The <em>Showbiz Central</em> co-hosts are at it again, this time over his Tweet about Mikey Arroyo being her alleged fiance.
Two weeks after smoking the peace pipe (after a long time of not speaking to each other), could the Showbiz Central co-hosts once again be in the middle of a heated exchange of words, possibly mixed with a few tears?In
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