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'Naging challenge sa kanya na kung anuman ang nangyari.'
Take notes, CGs.
It's been over four months since Erich Gonzales went through her drama-filled breakup with Daniel Matsunaga. But the Kapamilya star seems to be waaay past those complicated times, and recently spoke to ABS-CBN about how those experiences helped her
'I wrote this on a piece of paper and placed it on my desk: 'He's gay. You're not the life he wants or needs.''
Whenever a relationship ends, well-meaning friends and family can be relied on to repeat this litany of move-on musts until it's etched into your brain: Cut off all communication with the ex, delete him from your social networks, take
'Girl, darating din tayo diyan.'
While breaking up can be painful, moving on after the split is more heart breaking-and sometimes, the people around you can't help but stick their noses in your business. Here are nine sassy responses for your prying friends or relatives
Note to self: stop stalking him.
Whether you're going through a breakup or have decided to move on from someone who can't reciprocate your feelings, getting over someone is not easy. One of the reasons why it's so difficult is because you don't know
Joe Jonas still can't believe how quickly his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, moved on with her new man Zayn Malik after their breakup.The 26-year-old singer dated the 20-year-old supermodel for five months until they called it
Cue in the FEELS.
Adele knows how to write songs about heartbreak and she's DAMN GOOD at it. The singer's third album is reportedly named 25, and a snippet of the carrier single was released during a commercial break on The X Factor: UK.
Girl, ano ba.
Moving on is not easy, but it can be done. Start by ditching these seven habits that are probably preventing you from mending that broken heart. Checking his Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramIt's late at night, but you're still on your
It's not that things suck where you are, but you have been trapped in one place for a while and really want to propel yourself toward a new opportunity. No more stalling--we have a plan.
We've been hearing from a lot of Cosmo readers lately who say they're spinning their wheels in a life situation. They're not totally miserable-just, well, stuck and unsure how to get moving. To quote some of them: "My
There's nothing like a good, inspiring read to guide you through healing that heartache--whatever its cause. Browse our picks.
So you've put a period on a roller-coaster relationship--or may still be thinking about it. After you've cried your heart out and gone all numb, it's time to recuperate, learn from it, and move on. One way