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Want to get waiters, neighbors, and even your hot yoga teacher on your side? Try these naughty moves and see the difference.
1. Frequently gush over your neighbor's impeccably decorated apartment, and he'll be more willing to watch over your place while you're away on a two-week vacation. 2. Lean on the counter at your fave fast-food joint so
When the lights get low, the ladies get bolder. Here's a list of stuff to do in the shadows--some brazen challenges, others just for fun.
A study proved what you've always suspected: When the lights go down, you feel instantly bolder, more mysterious, and yeah, deliciously wicked. Our suggestions will help you take full advantage of that brazen vibe. There's new research that your inner
Instead of just dozing off after the deed, why not try a little tenderness? Here, some post-romp practices that spell sexy romance.
Take a moment to think about what you and your guy usually do after sex. Chances are, it's sleep, eat, or flip on the TV. Not exactly romantic, especially considering that the few hours afterward are one of the best times
Let him know how much you want him by trying out these simple tricks. Trust us: your honey will be blown away by how hot you are.
1. Run your nails up and down his back, and in slow figure eights, lightly press them into his skin. The sensations you'll create show off your primal desire for him.2. During doggie-style, turn your head to the side,