This routine will make your brows last from day to night!
Beauty YouTuber Anne Clutz, who has done countless tutorials on how to mattify shiny faces, finally made a video on how to deal with ~greasy~ eyebrows. Having slick arches is a very real struggle when you have an oily complexion. After being
And you don't even have to start all over.
Oh, cakey makeup-how I hate thee. The biggest misconception about cakey makeup is that it's always caused by using too many products, but as someone who routinely uses a zillion formulas at once, I can assure you that ain&#
I found myself a winner in this setting powder!
I've always had oily skin. I spent most of my life believing that every foundation, BB cushion, or tinted sunscreen would just rub off after a few hours of wear. I've tried all kinds of base products-from
Stop picking your zits and start using this ingredient.
Lemme let you in on a little secret: I've done a lot of crazy sh*t to my skin in hopes of destroying my acne. Like, even though I'm an ~educated~ beauty editor, I'd be lying if I said
Bonus: These can be used on the face and body!
When we cleanse our skin, we normally choose liquid or foam facial cleansers over bar soaps because of how ~drying~ they can be. We're here to change your mind! The bars on this list will treat acne and leave your
Cost-per-use is important!
Pimple patches or acne stickers are life-changing products. Here are the reasons to keep them in your emergency pimple care kit:If you're intrigued, read on to find out the most sulit pimple patch purchase. We computed the price
Messing with them is a ~comedon't~.
There are many types of pimples that can appear on your face, but the most bothersome are the ones that never seem to rise up to the surface and can't be popped (not that you should do that!) These are
It's time to check yourself.
If you notice that you *constantly* get pimples, it's time to take a step back and evaluate what is really causing them. Take a look at your face. If you see a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, it's
Your base is guaranteed to last the entire day!
The key to a flawless MOTD is the base, but if you're living in a tropical country like the Philippines, your makeup is always at risk of melting. There are some tips, however, that you can follow to ensure that
Score clear, smooth skin in five steps.
Before you learn how to score an even and smooth complexion, let's discuss the difference between acne marks and acne scars. Acne marks are results of pigmentation caused by inflammation. These can be treated with the use of brightening skincare
It's a classic for a reason.
If you've made the switch to organic skincare or plant-based products and you haven't revisited your old friend witch hazel yet, it might be time to. It's one of those ingredients that stands the test
You just have to do it!
We understand that there are times when you're just too tamad to wash your face. When you've had a long day, you just want to plop on your bed and sleep. But, we're here to remind
You can't shrink them, but you can make them a little bit smaller with this advice.
Pores: Can't live with 'em, literally can't live without 'em. Even though I curse their existence, I understand they have an important role in keeping my skin naturally lubricated and moisturized blah blah blah-but am I so wrong
Aka your new life handbook.
I think we can all unanimously agree that a glowing complexion is of the utmost priority. From smothering my face with iridescent primers to layering ludicrous amounts of liquid, balm and powder highlighters-so obsessed have we all become with looking glossy,
This just might be the answer to your skin probs.
Real talk: I've tried every acne face wash, expensive topical cream, and infomercial product-anything not to have to give up my favorite foods for the sake of good skin. And TBH, I've been a bit of a skeptic in
It may be the missing product in your skincare routine.
Retinol is a controversial product in skincare. Some claim it's the best thing they have ever used, while others warn of its harsh effects. To clear everything out, we asked Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Clinic everything we need to
'Highlighter? What highlighter?'
Y'all, it's a widely known fact that having oily skin is high-maintenance. You have to be careful with anything that you apply because it might trigger breakouts. Plus, you've got to be extra praning when
I am obsessed.
I have oily skin, and growing up, I was always told that I could never put anything that looks moist or glowing on my face. I was warned that these products will only make my complexion look extra shiny. But, I'm
Yes, it's totally possible to smooth them out.
If you're one of those people who loves squeezing someone else's-or, let's be real, your own-clogged pores (which BTW, you shouldn't do, but more on that later), then prepare to get excited,
The skin of your dreams is not too out of reach, we promise!
When you've got oily or acne-prone skin, you're always looking for products that will a) lift deep-seated dirt beneath the pores b) restore oil-moisture balance, and c) grant a "fresh lang" glow. To summarize, your
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